Listed below are all the peer-reviewed academic papers I have authored / co-authored:

  1. Roy, A. et al. (including Attard, M.). 2014 “Reconstructing the density and temperature structure of prestellar cores from Herschel data: A case study for B68 and L1689B” A&A, 562A, 138R.
  2. Peretto, N. et al. (including Attard, M.). 2012 “The Pipe Nebula as seen with Herschel: formation of filamentary structures by large-scale compression?” A&A, 541A, 63P
  3. Schneider, N. et al (including Attard, M.). 2012 “Cluster-formation in the Rosette molecular cloud at the junctions of filaments” A&A, 540L, 11S
  4. Shinnaga, H. et al (including Attard, M.) 2011 “Magnetic Fields in An Isolated Rotated Massive Dense Clump” ASPC, 449, 111S
  5. Davidson, J. A. et al. (including Attard, M.). 2011 “Magnetic Field Structure Around Low-mass Class 0 Protostars: B335, L1527, and IC348-SMM2” ApJ, 732, 97D
  6. André, Ph. et al. (including Attard, M.). 2010 “Initial highlights from the Herschel Gould Belt survey” A&A Special Edition, 518L, 103M
  7. Konyves, V. et al. (including Attard, M.). 2010 “The prestellar core population in the Aquila Rift complex”, A&A Special Edition, 518L, 106K
  8. Men’shchikov, A. et al. (including Attard, M.). 2010 “Filamentary structures and compact objects in the Aquila and Polaris clouds observed by Herschel”, A&A Special Edition, 518L, 103M.
  9. Bontemps, S. et al. (including Attard, M.). 2010 “The Herschel first look on protostars in the Aquila Rift”, A&A Special Edition, 518L, 85B.
  10. Novak, G., Matthews, T., Attard, M., Houde, M., Chapman, N., Dowell, C. D., Goldsmith, P. F., Davidson, J. A., Li., H., Matthews, B., Shinnaga, H., Vaillancourt, J. E. 2010. “Mapping Magnetic Fields near Low-mass Protostars with SHARP/CSO” AAS Vol. 41 p.560
  11. Attard, M., Houde, M., Novak, G., Li, H., Vaillancourt, J. E., Dowell, C. D., Davidson, J. A., Shinnaga, H. 2009. “Magnetic Fields and Infall Motions in NGC 1333 IRAS 4” ApJ. Vol 702, issue 2: 1584-1592.
  12. Attard, M., Houde, M., Novak, G., & Vaillancourt, J. E. 2008. “The Removal of Artificially Generated Polarization in SHARP Maps” PASP. Vol 120, issue 869: 805-813.
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  14. Li, H., Attard, M., Dowell, C. D., Hildebrand, R. H., Houde, M., Kirby, L., Novak, G., and Vaillancourt, J. E. 2006 “SHARP: The SHARC-II Polarimeter for CSO” Proceedings of the International Society for Optical Engineering, “Millimeter and Submillimeter Detectors for Astronomy III”, Bellingham: SPIE
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